Skinny Kid Gets WWE-Style Bodied During An Oklahoma Drill
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
These Oklahoma Drills have come a long a way, I tell ya...
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How old is that dude?
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Robber DeNiro23 months
Weak af smh
user avatar
Xcalibur201723 months
fat dude is weak. should of ran that kid over first shot
user avatar
JackieTreehorn23 months
Big Hoss has to be 40 years old
user avatar
Steve Janowski23 months
Frank the Tank!
user avatar
Shaq4prez24 months
that was weak
user avatar
Jimbeaux24 months
Props to the skinny kid for taking on Jumbo
user avatar
Black n Gold24 months
I guess these are the guys that already gave up on trying to get poon.
user avatar
LSUHobNailBoot24 months
O'Doyle Rules....
user avatar
MrKnowItAll24 months
Did he kick sand in the skinny guy's face too?
user avatar
drexyl24 months
Sting Ray hitting up spring break
user avatar
FLObserver24 months
Wow so thats what they do for fun on the beach now?
user avatar
Strannix24 months
Killing your father
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