Oregon Has Urban Meyer Quote Hanging In Their Football Facility
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
You wouldn't think the man who beat you in the College Football National Championship would have a quote hanging in your very own locker room. Oregon, however, does. The Ducks have this quote from Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer hanging in their football facility...
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km103 months
And Oregon has how many national championships?
user avatar
Othello103 months
I thought it was gonna be "The better team clearly won." Or something like that to motivate them, not something that is a pat on the back after coming up short again.
user avatar
Douboy104 months
Is that a joke?
user avatar
BoudreauxinGA104 months
So hungry for validation.
user avatar
poochie104 months
Mesmerizing =/= championship
user avatar
FlyingTiger85104 months
is that a compliment or an insult?
user avatar
Black n Gold104 months
Not even that strong of a quote.
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