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in a recent interview, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith proposed moving college football out of the NCAA and under the College Football Playoff umbrella. This way the 10 college football conferences can create their own rules and enforce it on their terms...

"We [can] create our own rules, create our own governance structure, have our own enforcement, we have our own requirements, whatever that might be," Smith said, via ESPN. " ...That might be in the medical space, for example, if a student-athlete is injured and hurt in his or her senior year. You take care of them when they're done until they're healed. And we have the funding in place to do that. You don't touch anything else with the NCAA. You keep the academic requirements in place. The reality is, those schools who offer 85 scholarships in football have made a different commitment and that needs to be addressed."
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cwill27 months
Let's also remove "College" as a descriptor of the sports.
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SeeeeK27 months
he's a dildo, who loves fricking midmajors over. His asinine choices while on ncaa tourney committee, and then his reasoning were laughable, and proved how stupid college educated people can be.
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s227 months
AD Smith? the same AD that shutdown the Buckeyes football for 2021 but reversed his decision after the SEC, ACC and Big 12 were moving forward with conference play.
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BatonRougeBuckeye27 months
That was Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren. Gene Smith was always in favor of playing.
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kingbob27 months
I'll create my own college football league! With hookers!...and blackjack!...and...uh...Forget about the league!
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CDawson27 months
Mens Basketball, too. The NCAA has long been obsolete to P5 football and basketball.
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This was/is bound to happen because the NCAA has become inept. it was already impossible to try to balance competitiveness between the bigger programs and small schools. But now the NIL and portal are widening the gap exponentially.
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PeleofAnalytics27 months
Not bold at all. Anyone who has been watching events unfold knows the NCAA needs to get out of football and probably basketball. Maybe talking heads don't say it as much because they don't want to lose access and anger the overlords but everyone knows the amateur model went out the door when NIL came along.
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Solo Cam27 months
Some houses shouldn't be remodeled. Some are so far gone that's best to start over from scratch. The NCAA is broken. I'm all for a new system
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