Michigan Has No Plans To Fire Head Coach Jim Harbaugh..............................
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Michigan lost to rival Ohio State for the fifth straight year under the helm of head coach Jim Harbaugh on Saturday. After already being on the hot seat, one would think after yesterday's loss he would most definitely be fired. Well, according Michigan Daily 's Ethan Sears that won't be the case...

“Though some fans have called for his dismissal, both throughout the season and in the wake of Saturday’s loss to Ohio State, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s job is safe heading into next season, according to multiple sources close to the University who spoke to The Daily on condition of anonymity, as they were unauthorized to speak publicly on the matter,”

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Surprising, no?
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TKLSUMD51 months
And Ohio State fans celebrate everywhere.
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claremontrich51 months
As a University of Michigan alumnus, unless he pisses off somebody due to some political reason, he will never be fired based on football grounds. He is the best we can get. There is nobody else who could do a better job than him considering the circumstances. As long as he wins 9 to 10 games every year he’s cool.
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KingDaddyRabbit51 months
Michigan's recruiting is always a step down relative to Ohio State and will always be as long as Harbaugh remains at Michigan. In fact, at the beginning of the season when they were ranking Michigan in the top five, I thought those doing the rankings were insane and out of their minds given their past history under Harbaugh.
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Tiger in Texas51 months
I'm no Harbaugh fan, in fact, I think he is a complete arse clown, but it's not like they have any top coach wanting to replace him...
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SmelvinRat51 months
Jim or Jimbo? Aren't they one in the same...
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Water Mocassin51 months
Keep old khaki pants and never beat Ohio State.Guy is a fraud.
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DeafVallyBatnR51 months
Pretty sure he has a lifetime contract and I bet that buyout us pretty steep
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emanresu51 months
"After already being on the hot seat, one would think after yesterday's loss he would most definitely be fired." Literally no one thought that.
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RightHook51 months
michigan doesn't have the same recruiting base that osu has. it shows. harbaugh needs to make a run once every 4 or 5 years, but winning 10 gsmes a year at michigan is pretty solid. michigan suffered the same recruiting fate as tennessee and nebraska in the late 90s/early 2000s. kids starting staying closer to home.
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Datbayoubengal51 months
Lol, they are going to stay in 9-3ville with Harballs. There is nobody that stands out as a big pull for them, but I can't believe the Memphis coach hasn't been brought up for several jobs even during the season as several coaches were on the hot seat. BC just lost their guy, Arkansas needs a spark. I mean he's beaten Ole Miss multiple times, and puts offensive guys into the NFL at a steady clip.
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dirtsandwich51 months
Literally no one in CFB thinks Harbaugh is close to being fired or was on the hot seat before the game. I would say Larry is better than this but I’m not sure.
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kywildcatfanone51 months
All AD's say this, then fire their coach.
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