Lane Kiffin Jumps On Twitter In Support Of This SEC Player For Heisman
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
FAU head coach Lane Kiffin jumped on Twitter Tuesday to show support for his former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts to win this year's Heisman Trophy...
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TheChiznit77 months
Heisman winners can make comfortable throws down the field.
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Gumbo177 months
Kiffin wants the Bama job when Saban retires.
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SirWinston77 months
Lane is one swaggy bro :bow:
user avatar
ApexTiger77 months
no more Bama love...make is stop
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Go away, Lane.
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Dignan77 months
Maybe Hurts will transfer to FAU.
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stewie77 months
No...just no.
user avatar
oneusairman77 months
Where is the twitter Post?
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