Kirk Herbstreit Furious Over This Controversial Youth Football Drill
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
On Friday, a video of a youth football team doing a drill at practice hit the web yesterday and it really upset ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit...
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QuackAttack71633 months
Coach should be arrested.
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makersmark133 months
Not sure what football concept was being taught. Sadism thinly disguised as discipline. Chickenshit drill.
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atxfan33 months
Kid took it like a man. Probably earned some respect from his teammates.
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IslandBuckeye33 months
There were many times my face mask was grabbed as a coach yelled into my face. Once a coach kicked me in the arse for not getting off the snap quick enough. Guess what? I did not take it personally. I got better. Much the same happened in basic training for mistakes that I never made twice.
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johnnydrama33 months
I had to do that in practice the week after I badly missed my block on a pivotal play in our first loss of the season. Coach tried to make me quit but I wouldn't.
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Macdavid33 months
These crazy weekend warrior coaches really think that makes a person a better player when it is proven at that age you are developing a kids skill. The best youth coaches I have seen in my 35 years doing this never played those crazy drills. Never.
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Harry Rex Vonner33 months
I don't like Herbstreit, but the drill is stupid and dangerous past the second tier and the coach laughing like a street thug methie confirms that a certain percentage of peewee coaches should be beaten with frying pans
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JackieTreehorn33 months
Tears were shed.
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Volt33 months
Had a similar drill in 3rd and 4th grade football. Difference was the group of two were in a long line and the single runner has to get up and run to the next group. I hated it when I was the runner. Of course, it was always a bit funny when the runner was a small guy or when most got towards the end of the line.
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TFH33 months
We did the same thing in jr high but it was a punishment for skipping class
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BobABooey33 months
Furious? Looks like Kirk has a boner in that pic.
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RickDorf33 months
Herbstreit has way too many opinions that no one cares to hear.
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TheRouxGuru33 months
Yet here you are, on a post where herbstreit is offering his opinion
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Ed Osteen33 months
You forgot half of this post moron
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Jaydeaux33 months
Looks dumb but that kid should have cut some knees
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy33 months
I see nothing with his name
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JG7705633 months
I’ll just take your word that Kirk is furious since nothing you posted mentions Kirk
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DomincDecoco33 months
Larry is on the spectrum.
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Jack Daniel33 months
Did he cry?
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