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While appearing on the Jed Hughes Podcast, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh touted the positive benefits of NIL deals for college athletes. However, Harbaugh said his program sees these opportunities as "a transformational experience, not a transactional experience."...


"We’re not going to pay signing bonuses for players to come onto the team. We’re not going to pay recruits to sign here," Harbaugh said. "When they get here and they do well, they’re going to profit pretty good here off of the jersey sales and other examples."
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jrctiger8424 months
Hes right, Michigan isnt, the rich alumni are !!!!!!
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FLObserver24 months
Jimbo is doing the same exact thing according to him. I mean Texas A&M practically sells itself . No need to pay for recruits to go there.
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CanebreakCajun24 months
Michigan has one of the richest alumni bases in the world, but sure Jim.
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ninthward24 months
Oh please, harbo is such a blowhard. everyone knows its not the schools'paying NIL
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SoFla Tideroller24 months
Michigan has paid for players for over 40 years. They didn't get kids out of South Florida who read at a 5th grade level for free.
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atltiger648724 months
he's parsing words. It's not allowed for universities to pay players, so he's right, Michigan won't pay. But Michigan boosters? Yea, they can pay, and I'm sure they do.
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OSoBad24 months
I totally agree with him... But it won't work to his advantage.
user avatar
Dickses24 months
Great coach
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