Jalen Hurts’ Father Thinks He’s A Better Fit At Oklahoma Than Alabama
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Jalen Hurts’ father, Averion Hurts, thinks Oklahoma is a much better fit for his son than Alabama. Per Saturday Down South...

I was texting with Jalen Hurts’ dad, Averion, during the Oklahoma-Houston game, and the Hurts family had to be happy with what was playing out on the field.

For 2 years, Averion – a successful high school coach in suburban Houston – has been saying what many outside of the Alabama orbit wondered: Jalen Hurts was miscast in the Alabama offense.

Instead of spreading the field and allowing Hurts to read coverages and find holes, Alabama stayed true to its run-oriented mentality and throwing off play-action – a philosophy that has significantly changed with Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback. In fact, Averion Hurts and his staff at Channelview High made a point to tell me in the spring of 2018 that they believed the play calling in the 2017 National Championship Game changed when Tagovailoa replaced Hurts.
What do you think?

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roll to victory54 months
Saban used him and threw him like all the rest, dont buy the BS speech after the SECCG. JH needed development to be a passer and Riley was perfect for that.
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CajunBullet54 months
We'll just have to wait and see. It would be something to see the Oklahoma Sooners play the Alabama Elephants in the CFB now wouldn't it?
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Breauxsif54 months
Averion just wants to be paid.
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ExpoTiger54 months
hot take
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elposter54 months
Wait and see on this I think. Most QBs are probably a better fit in the Big 12 than the SEC in terms of putting up stats. He did look really good against Houston though.
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DeafVallyBatnR54 months
I agree. He is who he is.
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bigman33454 months
BS... he put up good numbers versus arse teams while at Alabama also. the only issue was against good defenses
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CDawson54 months
Very few if any good Ds in Big 12 so he will be fine.
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