In an interview this week, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz was speaking on the current CFB landscape and he feels things are a little more difficult now. In part because of how the game is covered by the media and specifically ESPN's analysts...
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It's a little tougher today. And with all the ESPN coverage and all that, in fact I was making a comment to a couple guys on the staff this morning, I was looking through there and saw three faces on that little thing on the left of your ESPN site, where they've got the videos. Three guys that are basically coach killers or player killers, you know, that are just like, all they're trying to do is just stir up controversy. So that's kind of what's out there now for people to take in. You wonder why there's so much negativity.
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Godfather13 months
I remember when Ferentz was the hot name for every job that came open. Finally, people figured it out, and consequently, he’s been at Iowa forever.
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Luckydog3 months
100% true and the new media we all live in
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NebraskaExPat3 months
He's not wrong. These sports 'analysts' will make any comment as long as it gets clicks.
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surgicalvenom3 months
So what's Iowa's "Offense Killer?" He would get fired but no one wants the job.
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kciDAtaE3 months
Isn’t he 9-2 and going to the big 10 championship game?
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saintsfan223 months
Mad they made fun of his nepobaby and got him fired.
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CrimsonTideMD3 months
:zo gif:
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