Here's How Deion Sanders Is Teaching His Jackson State Players Toilet Etiquette
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Head coach Deion Sanders is changing the culture of Jackson State's football program from the field to the...washroom...? On top of football Xs and Os, Prime is teaching his team proper toilet etiquette...

This is 1 of my Pet Peeves so I had to leave a message to get my point across. Stop taking for granted kids know certain disciplines & etiquette. A lot of young men & woman hadn’t been taught a THANG.. Real Coaches don’t ever stop coaching (laugh emojis) I’m really Serious tho. #Truth @gojsutigersfb @barstoolsports @conschwartz @ekanardini @smac_entertainment I LOVE THESE YOUNG MEN 2 LIFE!

“Lol but so true,” Brett Favre commented.

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Boyz gonna be boyz.
Reply4 months
Seems like there's a missed R. Kelly reference here, Prime.
Reply4 months
Didn't Derek Dooley get railroaded for saying the same thing? Ha. Such a clown show we live in. I think his example was how to properly shower.
Reply4 months
So true! We have to educate new employees every so often about cleaning up after themselves. Some throw used TP in trash can or on the floor! Where do these people come from?!
Reply4 months
Foreigners? Cause many come from places with bad plumbing, so they throw it in the mini trash can next to the toilet...if one there. Ie...yeah we definitely don't get the best of the best coming here in mass b
4 months
He need official conjugator assistant and a slang coordinator. BTW, plea donut pee on yo mama'.
Reply4 months
"A lot of young men and WOMAN, had't been taught a THANG." there's that FSU edjumacation showing.
Reply4 months
This is the riveting stuff we come here for. Some of your best work Larry.
Reply4 months
What’s the difference between that toilet and your mama?
Reply4 months
At least the toilet won’t follow you around for a week or two after you use it!!
4 months
One gives a shite. The other takes a shit
4 months
The fact something like that needs to be taught to 18-22 year olds should make everyone question where we are as a country
Reply4 months
Treat a toilet like your mom?
Reply4 months
In standard reading protocol, readers stop at the punctuation at the end of the sentence. "Treat this toilet like your mama got next!"
4 months
Is that what you got out of it? Smh...
4 months
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