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When Texas Tech has its spring game on April 12, you might see 34 year-old head coach Kliff Kingsbury on the field suited up and playing a series in the game...

David Ubben
Kliff Kingsbury is considering playing a series in Texas Tech's upcoming spring game.
2:35 PM - 4 Apr 2014
I guess he could do this if he wanted, but what position? And why for only a series?
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lynxcat119 months
He was awesome at TT as a QB. I hope he does it.
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Yellerhammer5119 months
Larry - once again, asking the tough questions.
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P bean119 months
Kliff was a former stat machine texas tech qb under mike leach...

Players probably wanted to do it, and Kingsberry seems like a players coach
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cosmicdingo119 months
"Don't nobody hit me"...
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Datbayoubengal119 months
Gonna play QB with a no contact jersey i bet. I want to see that.
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Henry Jones Jr119 months
Probably quarterback, Larry. And probably because it would be fun.
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