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Former Iowa star WR Derrell Johnson-Kouliano from 2007-2010, is about to release a tell-all book about how he went from record-breaking Hawkeye WR to a guy charged and suspended for their bowl game for marijuana possession. This all led to him not being able to find an NFL team to take him on. Who is he blaming? Iowa coach, Kirk Ferentz. Johnson-Kouliano took to Twitter to announce the book with this long-winded epic rant...

Would u like it if u slaved for someone 4 5 yrs then when you arrived @ adversity they abandon you & tell potential employers not 2 hire u?

At least 10 NFL teams said to me "We understand you made a mistake but my concern is no one at Iowa had anything good to say about you."

Recruits need to consider this about KF before going to Iowa. It's all good when you're converting 3rd downs and touchdowns but don't F up.

Got involved in that bad stuff because I followed 2 leaders on the team who encouraged me to try it. Two guys the coaches chose as "leaders"

There's so much shite that hasn't been revealed about what goes on and I experienced. This book gonna open some eyes.

Not blaming anybody. I take ownership for how it went down 100%. But it's only fair people know all the truth.

College was crazy. Never expected that from Iowa. I'm physically and mentally stronger than ever. Good things are ahead.

Not bitter about not being in the league. I lost the passion to play after arrest. Which is why AFL/CFL didn't work out. I wasn't hungry.

My issue is I'm a good person and they tried to demonize my character. Being a good person and Coaching is my now my passion.

I want to impact young aspiring athletes. I have the knowledge and a great story to tell.

I knew after my first conversation with KF at Iowa it wasn't. Going to be a good relationship.

"Your names Derrell not DJK. And you're not bigger than the program." I was like WTF? Okay.

No1 likes me talking about this now but a big book offer came. Plus every day a question about "what happened?" gets asked.

People want me to move on. I am once for all. Right after this publication.

The money, the drugs the dictatorship of a program. All of it will be in the book.

FYI: TWO HAWKEYES ENCOURAGED THE BOOK THIS WEEK. One currently in the league one currently on the team. What does that tell you?

Peeps will hate me either way. I'm going thru w| it and I'm not afraid to show my vulnerability. Love me or hate me. When it drops, read it.

It's not about money. I don't need it. Trust me.

Actually I encourage all students to go to Iowa. Hellava party school. Screwed up my morals. Student-Athletes should not attend IA under KF.

Coaches/GA's that came in at my time at Iowa would say to me: "They think you're bad, they should see the kids I just got done dealing with"

Those coaches will be named and quoted in the book.

Book will be in Iowa and Ohio book stores mid summer 2014.

Let me be clear. This is not about the U of Iowa or the NFL. This about KF demonizing my character. whose son got arrested TWICE.

KF's sons James Ferentz asked me to buy him boos when he was too young livin in hillcrest dorms.

Like I said. This book gonna open some eyes. I should of had better judgment but I certainly didn't have the people in charge on my side.

KF told my parents two weeks b4 arrest after OSU '10 "Tell Derrell I have one more thing in my pocket for him." My confused parents told me

Two months ago I get an anonymous letter from someone who says KF worked with the ICPD on getting a "bust"

KF punished me by making me wear a trash can on my head for an entire practice while recruits parents were at practice...

...then Chris Doyle took a picture and hung it in the weight room. You think recruits will like that?

If you don't believe me ask my teammates who are on twitter. I have no reason to lie.

Put me in a room anytime anywhere w| KF and let's him deny anything I have to say. Sum1 make it happen. His recruits will hear about it all.

I've been advised not to reveal any more details about my experience under KF. Look for the book on shelves this summer.

KF was so pissed I was on the cover SI. He was seeing red. He expressed that to the team after a practice in the nices way possible. Lol.
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Dr RC122 months
sounds like a wealthy Iowa booster is trying to set the stage for KF's removal
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vodkacop122 months
Ummm sounds like he is blaming someone. Matter of fact he's blaming everyone but himself. Personal accountability. This guy has none. If teams didn't draft you or take a chance on you its cuz you sucked. Point blank. Accept it and move on. Holding grudges won't get you anywhere in life . Teams have taken way bigger risk on WRs but it was because they could play ball. You sir, clearly can not.
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JimmyHDeridderhigh122 months
This is an all too common story of the coach using a kid then discarding them after he has no further use for them. Will be nice to hear the other side.
user avatar
TenaciousTig122 months
Says he is to blame 100%, then stop the story right there. There is no one to blame, not even .0001% on anyone else.
user avatar
DallasTiger122 months
He doesn't seem to be able to speak or write the English language. How is going to "write a book?"

Dis gonna be gud.
user avatar
DrSteveBrule122 months
The way he smiles, he looks like a cornball brutha, much like Jonathan Martin.
user avatar
footballtimeintn122 months
This dude is an idiot and I respect Ferentz much more than I did before. I think that book will back fire on this idiot.
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