Mount Union vs. Baldwin Wallace had one heck of a finish this past weekend. Mount Union was trying to capture its 33rd OAC Title, 31st undefeated regular season, and its 33rd straight NCAA Playoff appearance. It didn't look good, until this crazy hail mary played out...
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wallowinit16 months
I've watched it a bunch of times and the more I watch it the more I think the defender wasn't trying to catch it but maybe he thought he was going to make it go out of the endzone? or something?
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NPComb16 months
That looked miserable up until that last play.
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CAD703X16 months
knock the ball down!! just WHY?
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atltiger648716 months
why was no defender near the goal line? Got to have a defender back there to prevent exactly what occurred.
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UGATiger2616 months
Classic tragedy for the losing team. Seen it happen too many times. DB wants to go for the interception, when just knocking the ball down wins the game.
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BowDownToLSU16 months
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