Deion Sanders Very Much In Mix For New Head Coaching Job At TCU...........
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According to a report, Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders has interviewed for the TCU head coaching position. The Horned Frogs parted ways with longtime head coach Gary Patterson earlier this month...
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Can you see Deion coaching TCU?

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surgicalvenom28 months
The truth in CFP is if your recruiting class isn't top 5 year in and year out, you ain't playing for the Natty. Sanders can get kids to sign on the dotted line. Just give him a large assistant coach budget.
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Hurricane Mike28 months
Gonna have to hire Ray Lewis as DC so he can get his preaching in
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Insideradvantage28 months
Deion would be just like Orgeron in that he’d have to surround himself with great assistants to be remotely successful at that level. Also, let the HBCU loyalty crap go agreed. It is what is and the first chance to move up that much he’s gone. And you can’t blame him if that’s what he wants to do.
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hophead28 months
All the HBCU hype and he will jump at the first opportunity to leave the HBCU? Hmmmm. Hypocrisy
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BabyTac28 months
He’s worked with high school kids and development for several years now. Really seems like a great guy. Could definitely recruit.
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Hasn’t he been dealing with “major” health issues ?? When did he interview ? He hasn’t coached his team in a couple weeks
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TOSOV28 months
I find interesting that Patterson is gone a month after he said local boosters need to step it up with NIL deals/money to help with recruiting and to keep players from the transfer portal. Then a huckster like sanders is getting a serious look. NIL and transfer portal definitely has ruined the enjoyment of the game.
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Bjorn Cyborg28 months
I think it's cute that they are pretending that he is a serious candidate and everyone is going along with it like it's actually plausible. Deion makes Orgeron look like a serious person. Dude is a total clown.
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USMEagles28 months
Damnit, man. Clowns are artists and work really hard. Pagliaci. Bozo. Shaggy 2 Dope.
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RamboMizzou28 months
If I was a big time university I’d take a chance at Prime. His recruiting would be unreal.
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1928 months
Sure, and he could teach your soft dbs how to not tackle even better.
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