The College Football Playoff has reportedly settled on its championship game sites through 2026. According to Action Network's Brett McMurphy, Atlanta and Miami will host the 2025 and 2026 championship games...
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TouchdownTony18 months
Don't get the Miami thing. Been there for several of the BCS/CFP games and a city could no be less interested. They were less interested than Indianapolis.
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BobABooey18 months
The NCAA doesn’t care whether men can use the same bathrooms as little girls as much as MLB does. I’m going to boycott that game. Unless LSU is in it or I get free tickets or something.
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atltiger648718 months
uh, several years ago, the NCAA banned holding championship events in North Carolina after the state's “bathroom bill." The NCAA is as woke as anybody.
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Jaydeaux18 months
Miami meh
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