Can You Guess What Job Lane Kiffin Is Reportedly Interested In?
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There will be a few big jobs available after this season, possibly Notre Dame, Michigan, USC and as of yesterday, Florida State. Which just may be the job FAU coach Lane Kiffin might want. Per CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd...
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I can see this happening.

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Bulldogblitz52 months
I'm interested in the fsu job too...they'll pay you handsomely when they get tired of you
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TaderSalad52 months
Glad we got Joe Brady, but in reality, Kiffin shouldve come here and re-established himself then tried to take a bigger HC job.
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Shotgun Willie52 months
Leach to it
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KillTheGophers52 months
Nah, FSU has to go even bigger name this time.
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Tiger in Texas52 months
Like who? Criminal U is not exactly a hot place to be anymore...
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BamaRoo52 months
Nah. If FSU is willing to throw out the jack, the obvious will happen and Kentucky loses a coach.
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Hangit52 months
FSU's history has shown that they want to pay about 20-25% below a coaches market value.
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TNG8r52 months
Mark Stoops buyout is 24 million. They are paying Taggart 17 million fo rhis buyout. Don't think they can afford that.
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ByUselves52 months
He's interested in anything above high school level.
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dehsloot52 months
If...frick it, play ball.
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