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In the Athlon Sports Arizona State preview, an anonymous opposing coach blasted head coach Herm Edwards and the Sun Devils...

"This is the biggest dumpster fire in college football," the preview quoted one coach as saying about ASU. "It is absolutely mind blowing that Herm (Edwards) is still employed, at least in the mind of the college coaching community. Everyone knows it's a ticking time bomb, but no one knows if it's going off in a month or a year from now.

"They look like a mid-level SEC program when they get off the bus, and you start to see what they've been recruiting. They you finish the game and it's like playing a MWC team. They're wildling inconsistent, they turn the ball over, they make mental errors, it's all stuff that screams no stability. We've played them when they're locked in and physical, and we've played them when they're just not interested in being there."
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TigerPaw720 months
I like Herm but he’s almost 70. How well can he really connect with teenagers at this point.
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan20 months
Nothing good ever comes from “ anonymous coach said”
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Lucky Loper20 months
You play to Win the game….
user avatar
Hangit20 months
Some anonymous someone told us something. Some people did some things. Anybody can say someone told them some outlandish shit. Identify, or frick off and die.
user avatar
ChineseBandit5820 months
amen to that
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