ESPN Didn't Know How To Spell Mike Krzyzewski's Name......................
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This surprises me knowing how much ESPN loves Duke, but last night they had a little trouble spelling head coach Mike Krzyzewski's name...
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EasterEgg60 months
I don't even know how to pronounce it. It's probably been 10 years since I've heard anybody say it so I've long forgotten.
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Apache60 months
ESPN has been covering the guy for more than 30 years. They need to step up their performance.
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JackieTreehorn60 months
Shusheffski How the frick does that come from Krzyzewski
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My2Bits60 months
His name is easy.Write Krazy Zewski and drop the 'a' in Krazy. Simple.
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Koach K60 months
Larry is one to talk.
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Ace Midnight60 months
There's a reason why they call him, "Coach K." A damned good reason at that.
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TexasTiger8960 months
Who does?
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Hester Carries60 months
Mike Krzyzewski doesnt know how to spell Mike Krzyzewski's name.
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pellietigersaint60 months
scott no doubt monitors grammar on message boards in his spare time
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