I don't know how I feel about this one. I'm not sure whether I should hate this guy for umping an entire Division-III baseball game while on a hoverboard or I should applaud him for actually thinking he can pull this off and then doing so. You tell me. Check out this hovering ump who called a Johns Hopkins University baseball game from two wheels last week...
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peaster68100 months
Larry, the best part of you ran down your mother's leg.
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Gary Busey100 months
What the frick Larry? Where's the video or pic.
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Stacked100 months
Just here cause Larry fricked up the headline.
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Oddibe100 months
Clicked this thread EXPECTING to see a video.
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MoarKilometers100 months
"Division-III Umpire Called Entire Baseball While On Hoverboard"

Written by Larry Leo... edited by no one.
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Homesick Tiger100 months
I've never understood why it's called "hover" when it's actually on two wheels. I guess that means a motorcycle could be deemed a hovercycle.
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Black n Gold100 months
I can think of a few lazy arse MLB players that prefer to round the bases on one of these rather than run them.
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