In the top of the sixth inning of today’s game between North Central Texas College and Weatherford, NCTC’s Josh Phillips blasted a go-ahead home run and got taken down before reaching home by the pitcher. This is WILD...
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Per TMZ Sports...

A spokesperson for Weatherford College tells TMZ Sports an investigation into the incident is underway. The school says Woodward could face serious disciplinary action as a result of the attack ... and expulsion is on the table.

Weatherford head baseball coach Jeff Lightfoot released a statement ... saying, "We are shocked and disappointed at what happened in our game today."

"We do not condone this type of behavior. We have worked hard to build a program with the highest of standards. We are completely embarrassed by this incident, and we apologize to North Central Texas College and the fans of WC baseball."
"This type of behavior cannot be tolerated."
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atltiger648726 months
baseball players are such pussies. The dude hit a dinger off of you -- big deal. Accept it like a man and pitch better.
user avatar
notslim9926 months
When “keeping it travel ball” goes wrong.
user avatar
Mr. Hangover26 months
Makes absolutely zero sense, but ok
user avatar
HonoraryCoonass26 months
If that is radio commentary, it’s beyond terrible. Useless. If TV, not much better. Dude ain’t cut out for broadcasting.
user avatar
duggieblue26 months
Imagine that… a guy doing a junior college online broadcast isn’t cut out for broadcasting. Who woulda thunk it!?
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics26 months
It's like complaining that the idiot who makes fries at McDonalds overcooked your Filet Mignon
user avatar
FleurDeLonestar26 months
This college is in my hometown. When I was growing up they had a brawl that left the entire team suspended from playoffs.
user avatar
I went to WC! Go Coyotes!
user avatar
gpttigers26 months
We still have a few transfer spots available. BK...
user avatar
thermal922126 months
Jacelyn needs to lay off the juice. Got roof rage.
user avatar
OSoBad26 months
Travel ball 101
user avatar
DVinBR26 months
great tackle, could play safety, switch him to the football team
user avatar
CDawson26 months
The SEC crew would have ejected him for that hit on the football field.
user avatar
saintslsupels26 months
Another trashy baseball player with anger management issues. When did baseball become the white trash sport?
user avatar
JackieTreehorn26 months
I teach my son Claxxxytyn to be that aggressive on the diamond.
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