I think this is real, but you tell me, but fans are debating the veracity of this video, which shows Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry making 5 shots in a row from about 90 feet...

"Just finished a shoot with @stephencurry30, this dude just can’t miss," reads the caption of the SI post.
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SECdragonmaster15 months
You can see the ball change shape at the top of the arc. Nice fake but still fake.
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gumbojambalaya15 months
This is impossible
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Bige1115 months
If this were real, why dribble across half court?
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ElTigreFuego15 months
How’s his mom doing?
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kjntgr15 months
Why stop at 5
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GeauxTigers010715 months
no chance
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Pistols Firing 1215 months
Confirmed fake. Dumb, just like the lightning striking Brees.
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