Watch Shaquille O'Neal Get Emotional Talking About Kobe On 'Inside The NBA'
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TNT's Inside the NBA paid tribute to Kobe Bryant on Tuesday night prior to their NBA coverage. This was the first time Shaquille O'Neal talked about the passing of his friend on TV...
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Crimson1st49 months
Man, Shaq...tugging at my heart this morning. Got the cut onion effect rocking right now. So touching to see the pain he feels. Hate that all the loss is so clustered together for him.
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SoulGlo49 months
Crazy to think I was in a mosh pit with that guy a few months ago at his concert. Love the Big Shaqtus. He is not only a huge teddy bear, he is our huge teddy bear. He is a massive manifestation of human creativity, and I'm damn proud he is a Tiger.
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KCT49 months
Most eloquent, heart-felt "speech" I've heard in quite awhile. That was the real Shaq right there.
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elprez0049 months
Damn that video really got me. Love ya big fella.
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BabyTac49 months
Damn. This really sucks.
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TigerClique2149 months
Man! This is tough! Everyone is hurting even if you did not like Kobe. This hits you especially hard if you're a father. I have 1 girl and 4 boys. I don't think I've ever hug them as tight as I did when I got back in town Monday night. Shaq was on point.
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nol1wph49 months
True love…
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auburnu00849 months
Man that is tough. RIP Mamba. Much respect to Shaq for opening up about it.
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Random LSU Hero49 months
Very well-said. And its an honor to have him on the Mt. Rushmore of LSU Alums. Big man with a big heart
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