In the closing minutes of Game 3 of the NBA Finals where the Spurs beat the Heat 111-92, Tim Duncan's girlfriend Vanessa Macias took a video and tweeted out a picture that called out Miami fans for leaving early...

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skullopener116 months
She has crazy eyes...looks kuku!!
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OceanMan116 months
timmy couldnt get her some better seats?
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JBearden117 months
Bitch's running wild man
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Ed Osteen117 months
What a stupid article
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RandySavage117 months
This the same skank who tried to "call out" Charles Barkley about SA girls being ugly by posting a picture of a bunch of ugly girls?
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HamzooReb117 months
You are slacking Larry
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kjntgr117 months
Not 1 pic of her??

Terrible Larry, just terrible
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