Oklahoma City Thunder's Plane Lands In Chicago With Crazy-Looking Damage
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
The Oklahoma City Thunder's flight from Minnesota to Chicago suffered some crazy-looking damage mid-flight. When they landed they discovered the nose of their plane had caved in. That must've been s scary flight...
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Shooter79 months
There was so much suckage on the plane that this was bound to happen.
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liLtUneChi79 months
Glitch in the Matrix
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dbeck79 months
I had the same problem until I got on them peptides.
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whodatfan79 months
The wing gremlin from Twilight Zone. That episode scared the living shite out of me when I was a kid.
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SECdragonmaster79 months
Blue ice from a flight above them.
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The Fall of Romo79 months
That plane is a pussy! Westbrook’s face looked like that 2-3 years ago after taking a knee and he didn’t miss a game.
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NWLAtiger5579 months
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pjab79 months
Looks like the moose after Clark was told that the park is closed. “He-yuk”
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young man tiger79 months
I’ve seen this scam. A family in a Cessna pulls out in front of your plane and slams on the breaks then parachutes out holding the back of their necks.
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Grit-Eating Shin79 months
That plane looks like it told Clark Griswold that the amusement park is closed.
user avatar
TexasTiger8979 months
user avatar
mrPresident79 months
A bird.
user avatar
Doug Masters79 months
No blood? No feathers? Birds would leave more evidence.
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