To celebrate his 52nd birthday and the first 2014-15 installment of North Carolina-Duke on Wednesday, ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted a photo of Michael Jordan’s North Carolina ID card from back in the day. Awesome...
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At first I thought that was his hair, but it's actually his hat. HA.
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Hugo Stiglitz108 months
He looks exactly the same.
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gatortrav88108 months
damn yall shite on larrry every chance you get lol
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DrSteveBrule108 months
I wonder what Darren Rovell thought about this as far as MJ's brand
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Pavoloco83108 months
How much would that card be worth to a collector? Bet a lot.
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BowlJackson108 months
"HA." - Larry Leo
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theunknownknight108 months
"I'm gonna do the thing that God put Larry Leo on this Earth to do: have salon-quality hair and read the news."
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SECdragonmaster108 months
Awesome is the most overused word on the interweb.
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LSULyle00690108 months
"at first I thought it was his hair but it's actually his hair"

- Larry Leo
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