Kobe Bryant's Nike Deal Has Expired, Vanessa Has Issues Over Money And Shoe Availability
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After nearly 2 decades, Kobe Bryant and Nike are going their separate ways. Kobe's estate, led by wife Vanessa Bryant, has decided not to renew the previous 5-year "post-retirement endorsement extension" Mamba signed in 2016...

"Kobe's Nike contract expired on 4/13/21," Vanessa told ESPN ... "Kobe and Nike have made some of the most beautiful basketball shoes of all time, worn and adored by fans and athletes in all sports across the globe. It seems fitting that more NBA players wear my husband's product than any other signature shoe."
More on why, per ESPN...

According to a source, Bryant and the estate had grown frustrated with Nike limiting the availability of Kobe products during his retirement and after his January 2020 death in a helicopter crash. There was also frustration with the lack of availability of Kobe footwear in kids’ sizes, according to sources.

Nike released this statement... (TMZ Sports/The Spun)
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Who cares?
Reply27 days
I agree. I have no doubt he put pressure on that pilot to fly!
27 days
Didn’t Kobe anally rape a housekeeper and had to buy his wife a $3 million dollar ring as an apology?!
Reply28 days
all I know is that Vanessa hardly waited a week to sue the helicopter manufacturer, in addition to the transport company and pilot, of what we almost certainly pilot error. She could've waited for the report to come out and then decided on next steps, but she launched right in with the lawsuits. Sad.
Reply28 days
Plus she’s set for life already. It was a tragedy but bankrupting the dead pilot’s estate is just mean spirited.
27 days
In the real world, make sure we pay our mortgages
Reply28 days
Good. sick of nike limiting shoes that the public desires. They create undue hype and prey on fools who will shank each other at a footlocker for the last pair of a "limited release". Kobe's shoes should be available to all of his fans. Good for his wife, preventing Nike from using his name to deepen their pockets and preventing the mass productions of what his fans want. Imagine if your grocery store released loaves of bread once a month and only put 10 loaves on the shelf. Thats what these clowns do with their most desired products.
Reply28 days
Almost like Nike is a for profit organization trying to maximize their bottom line or something. The nerve of them!
28 days
Now that Vanessa Bryant is worth a billion it is easy for her to make these decisions. I mean good for her but it isn't like money is nothing to the Bryant family. It is always interesting watching people become uber wealthy then act like they are above it all. It is a means of trying to pull the ladder up once they get there.
28 days
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