Kevin Durant was all fired up on Saturday night during Game 3 of the Warriors/Jazz series. He even took some of it out on the Jazz mascot telling him to "Get the f*** off the court' at one point...

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vuvuzela86 months
Dramond is a bad influence on Kevin
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KennabraTiger86 months
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BabyTac86 months
Draymond is 2x the player Durant is.
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SECdragonmaster86 months
Jazz mascot was jogging not taking his time. You are killing me Perez.
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Giantkiller86 months
just another reason to hate the Warriors.
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InVolNerable86 months
Yeah. frick trying to win the games on the court instead of the Mormon gamesmanship
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CrimsonCrusade85 months
Durant is seeming more and more like a bitch.
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TigerSpray85 months
Yeah Durant, pick on something warm and fuzzy...... bully.
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BowDownToLSU86 months
Durant aka shirt tale rider
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RedFive86 months
Shitty sport.
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