The Tacoma Police Department reported that a 53-year-old former NBA star Shawn Kemp was booked after a drive-by shooting allegedly occurred at a parking lot Wednesday afternoon. There were no known injuries...
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windmill13 months
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DeafVallyBatnR13 months
This is the problem with the world we live in. They broke into his car stole his things he goesnto get his stuff and they shoot at him he pulls his gun shoots back and he is in jail. Sorry but I'm on Kemps side.
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BAMAneck13 months
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Thracken1313 months
Kemp and Detlef in NBA Jam was almost as good as Malone and Stockton.
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cajunmud13 months
Being an old white guy, I just can't relate to carrying a gun 24/7 just in case I need to return fire.
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atltiger648713 months
it's got nothing to do with being white, it's just not putting yourself in risky places or situations.
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Shaq4prez13 months
53 yrs old and does this. be smarter than this. If you cant be smarter, then grow TF up. If you cant do either, then dont drop the soap
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atxfan13 months
He has like 20 kids. Nobody had ever accused him of being smart or learning from his mistakes.
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