Don't Mess With Julius Randle's 3-Year-Old Son On The Court, Even If You're On His Team
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The 3-year-old son of New York Knicks star Julius Randle ain't playin'...even if you're on his team...
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Solo Cam42 months
Kid was kinda being a bitch by not passing tbh
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CanebreakCajun42 months
that's assault baby.
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TigerLord202042 months
Bad Boys D!
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I-H8-BAMA42 months
The comments on this video show how ridiculous the people on this website truly are.
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cwill42 months
Only one racist comment...that’s well below par.
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Jyrdis42 months
Pretty sure I can take a 3 year old Larry
user avatar
OceanMan42 months
No way you even think about putting 3 year olds together for an organized basketball game
user avatar
Hester Carries42 months
That kid looks 5
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Hangit42 months
user avatar
Thracken1342 months
not sure how that is funny...threw a tantrum for not getting the ball.
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