Kyle Busch Fan Goes Crazy After Realizing He's Sitting In Traffic With Her
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Watch this Kyle Busch fan freak out after realizing the dude sitting in traffic in the car next to her is actually NASCAR's Kyle Busch...

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WalkingTurtles99 months
Very cool of him, wife is a big fan of his as well. In my opinion famous people should act like more, as it's their fans that make them rich and famous.
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utstnx99 months
very cool
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roguetiger1599 months
I wish I was liked enough to carry a sharpie everywhere I went.
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Hogwarts99 months
Very cool of him to sign the hat. Classy move!
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NASA_ISS_Tiger99 months
Yeah I wasn't much of a "Busch brothers" fan either..but I too, am coming around. Still can't stand Lagano or Keselowski.
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HailFreezusOver99 months
That's awesome. Wasn't a Kyle Busch fan but I'm coming around .
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ellunchboxo99 months
Is that title right? No.
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Street Hawk99 months
No, it isn't. It should have read - "Kyle Busch fan goes crazy after realizing she is sitting in traffic with him." Grammar has never been Larry strong suit. I think Chicken outsources this shite to some foreign country.
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c on z99 months
Ultimate CSB
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Poodlebrain99 months
What kind of dog does he have? Didn't sound too manly.
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TigerFanatic9999 months
It's getting hard to hate him anymore.
user avatar
Bama and Beer99 months
That was awesome
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saint amant steve99 months
As much as I hate NASCAR, that was really cool of Busch to do...that is, assuming those bastards weren't holding up traffic.
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