An old video of a youth baseball umpire putting some annoying, complaining parents into their place has gone viral on social media this weekend...
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TFH13 months
tHiS guYs A fIrEfiGhTeR!
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Craw Dawg13 months
Classic! That guy is awesome, way to go!!
user avatar
Cracker13 months
He is a firefighter wtf did she say that for? GD yankee ho
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KennabraTiger13 months
I HATE parents
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FLTech13 months
That unp is a hero!!
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jbird713 months
“I feel fine. Do you feel ok? You just ruined a game for your kid.”

That was great. Good for him.
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy13 months
He handled that like a F boss. Good for him.
user avatar
raceboy13 months
I bet that mom is a big ole fat bitch
user avatar
LSUMaverick13 months
And has a Karen haircut
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Fgiord13 months
That video is old AF
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Laugh More13 months
It says old video in the description. And who cares if it’s old, it’s more relevant and useful today than probably ever.
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6R1213 months
Might be old but up to the second in summer ball and traveling ball. Haven't been to a lil league game in years but I have no doubt guaranteeing it's what's going on as we type.
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s213 months
shutup! old hussy
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