Yankees Won't Cover In-Flight WiFi For Their Players
The New York Yankees spend far more than anybody else on putting the best team on the field. EXCEPT, when it comes to wifi apparently. Per

TAMPA — Gerrit Cole had dreamed of playing for the Yankees since he was a kid, and in so many ways the experience has been exactly what children envision: the crisp pinstripes, the retired numbers, the Bleacher Creatures.

But one thing surprised him when he got to New York after signing a nine-year, $324 million deal before the 2020 season: The fourth-most valuable franchise in sports charges players for internet access on the team plane.

Technically, it’s Delta that does the charging, approximately $9 per flight. (Delta also offers free iMessage and WhatsApp.) But the Yankees, whom Forbes estimates are worth $6 billion, do not cover the cost. A person familiar with the prices of such things said an in-flight Wi-Fi plan for one team for one year costs approximately $40,000—or about the price of four Cole pitches.
(The Big Lead)
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lenlews11 months
I wouldn't think MLB teams fly commercial.
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DeafVallyBatnR11 months
2009 is the last World Series win. I bet these guys spend more time on phones than the batting cage or field practicing. You have to get their attention focused and not on phone.
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Adajax11 months
A whole $9.00? How will he feed his children? The inhumanity of it all.
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surgicalvenom11 months
In a world that gives them shoes, gloves, equipment, daily food stipends, it is weird they go through the trouble of charging individually for plane wifi. You would think it would be rolled into the exclusive flight contract. Or the fees are included in the travel per diem, which means this isn't a story.
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jnethe111 months
How much do they get paid?
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TigerFanatic9911 months
Dude makes 30 million a year and complains about a $9 flight fee.
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Ghost of Colby11 months
The Yankees don’t have their own private jet?
user avatar
aremore11 months
Penny wise, pound foolish.
user avatar
POTUS202411 months
I didn't know MLB players were so poor. This is awful. Life must suck for them. Maybe someone will start a gofundme.
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