Texas Rangers' Ballpark Will Be At 100 Percent Capacity On Opening Day
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Opening Day is right around the corner as we head into our second MLB season during the current pandemic. One team that will be at full capacity for the first pitch, will be the Texas Rangers...
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And then reduce capacity? That doesn't makes sense.

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ByUselves35 months
The rangers planning on a full house? Someone gonna be disappointed when all the dyslexic folks start seeing blm instead of mlb...
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“during the current pandemic” Pretty sure the pandemic part is over.
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Deplorable Duke35 months
When’s the last time ANY non-World Series baseball game was at 100% capacity?
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xGeauxLSUx35 months
Covid is a big friggin joke.
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kywildcatfanone35 months
So 100% for one game, and 40% after that. Got it.
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jimmy the leg35 months
60% of the time it works every time
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indianswim35 months
As with anything with The Rangers over the last 10 years, it doesn't have to make sense.
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