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"Sandlot" star Tom Guiry, who played Smalls in the movie, was reportedly arrested by police for throwing a dumbbell onto a car windshield, shattering it completely...

The footage is absolutely bonkers ... you see Tom bring the dumbbell behind his head and then drop it on a white Jeep ... before marching across two manicured front lawns to go back inside ... all while the dumbbell rolls down the hood.

The Horry County Sheriff's office tells TMZ ... Tom was arrested June 2 after officers responded to a disturbance call and found him in the middle of the street.

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caliegeaux24 days
He looked like a little temper tantrum throwing weakling with that goofy hat he wore.
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BobABooey27 days
Like most of us, Smalls has had just about enough of the stupid Jeep duck craze that’s popular with females. The difference is he decided to do something about it.
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TrigSwig27 days
He's in deep shite!
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Skinny28 days
"Lassie" actor Tom Guiry arrested for disturbing behavior. Could be heard screaming early 90s money is all gone.
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Napoleon28 days
You're killing me smalls
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YMCA28 days
He found out the Squints was recreating the Wendy Peffercorn scene with his mom in exchange for his 1927 signed Yankees ball.
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TheRouxGuru27 days
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GeauxGoose28 days
Ole boy couldn't even throw it hard enough to break the window. "Your killing smalls"
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