The New York Mets have fired GM Jared Porter, who had just helped the team land Francisco Lindor in a blockbuster trade, after he admitted to sending 62 unanswered texts that included penis pictures to a female reporter....

The journalist -- described in a bombshell ESPN report as "a foreign correspondent who had moved to the United States to cover Major League Baseball" --- told ESPN through an interpreter under the condition of anonymity that she had met Porter while he was working in the Chicago Cubs' front office in 2016.

The woman says the two had seen each other in an elevator at Yankee Stadium and exchanged business cards. Soon after, she claims he began texting her.

Copies of the texts were obtained by ESPN ... and they showed Porter and the woman initially had casual conversations. But, the baseball exec began complimenting her, messages show, calling her "pretty," "beautiful," and "gorgeous."

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Bold strategy Cotton.
Reply16 days
I wonder what she was thinking around text #20 or so
Reply2 months
I have to see the female reporter before I make a judgment.
Reply2 months
He put everything out there and she broke his heart... and I mean EVERYTHING.
Reply2 months
Two questions ...... Did he send a picture of just any old penis or a picture of his own penis? ...... By her not answering his 62 texts, does that mean she was playing hard to get and teasing him?
Reply2 months
The analytics show that after 62 texts the percentage of him scoring gets less and less. Brian Kenny, probably today on MLB Network.
Reply2 months
Dudes always do this. It doesn't matter how intellectual you are, seems like some people just can not control their hormones for shite.
Reply2 months
I don't understand, the dick pic usually wins them over for me. dunno
Reply2 months
Never put the pussy on a pedestal.
Reply2 months
Hire a damn prostitute for fricks sake. What a great way to throw away millions over some chick who was clearly not into you.
Reply2 months
Smart enough to land a General Manager position with a Major League ball club yet still not recognize when he's being ghosted? And then decides a dick pic will probably fix everything? Lol.
Reply2 months
What is this guy's TD handle, bc it's pretty obvious he post here.
Reply2 months
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