In the market for a new job? Well, the MLB is hiring official scorekeepers...
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The Official Scorer makes and announces all game decisions involving judgment calls based on Rule 9 of the Official Baseball Rules, clarifying scoring rules interpretation to club and media personnel when necessary. Approves the official game report transmitted to MLB’s Official Statistician (Elias Sports Bureau) post-game.

We are accepting applications for all markets, but are actively recruiting for the following:

Boston Red Sox (Boston, MA)
Cincinnati Reds (Cincinnati, OH)
Miami Marlins (Miami, FL)
Toronto Blue Jays (Ontario, Canada)
We encourage you to apply for your local team’s opening, even if there is not an immediate need, as our staffing requirements may change throughout the year.


Arrive at the ballpark no later than 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
Collect rosters and other applicable information, test press box microphone and be set up before first pitch.
Keep a detailed scorecard of the game, focusing on every pitch and play.
Make announcements as expected of the Official Scorer (i.e. time of first pitch, individual pitching lines, Official Review times, fielding credits, winning and losing pitchers, etc.).


Exceptional (and demonstrable) knowledge of the Official Baseball Rules, and especially Section 9 of OBR.

Effectively utilize approved online tools designed to enhance performance and communication with essential game personnel.

Ability to clearly communicate information via press box mic, and to effectively clarify Official Scoring Rules and scoring decisions, when necessary, to club officials and others.
Demonstrate good judgment on applicable plays requiring decisions.
Attention to detail in keeping a scorecard and tracking game totals for each player and team.

Demeanor to accept constructive criticism and instruction, and patience to deal with critique of performance from various parties (i.e. clubs, players, media).
Collaborative spirit with colleagues at MLB, other Official Scorers, team officials and others.

At many games, the Official Scorer may be the most visible representative of MLB and needs to conduct him or herself with appropriate dignity.
Previous Official Scoring experience in professional or amateur baseball is strongly preferred but not required.
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user avatar
Broyota215 months
Would actually be a cool little side hustle if you could make the time.
user avatar
MOS031115 months
They need more diversity which explains why high school dropouts can apply...
user avatar
BigPerm3015 months
I’ve run Game Changer a hand full of times for a couple travel ball teams. Does that qualify me? I’d have that fricked all kinds of ways.
user avatar
TFH15 months
No thanks. I score some games at home. They’ve shortened the break between innings so much that you don’t have time to take a piss
user avatar
Russianblue15 months
Do you get to sit next to Brockmeyer ?
user avatar
KAGTASTIC15 months
Nice little retirement gig. An extra $15-20k a year. Free games. Hopefully it's free close parking though.
user avatar
POTUS202415 months
It's always a hit.
user avatar
TigerLord202015 months
Unless it’s an error
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