MLB Is Changing Safety Protocols For Teams Which Includes Basically COVID Hall Monitor
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After the Marlins went out got themselves some COVID, the MLB is changing their safety protocols. Per ESPN...

ESPN — The first extension of protocols in the memo tighten them anyway. While the league won't mandate an on-the-road quarantine, players and team staff will be highly discouraged from even going into common areas of the hotel. On buses, the compliance officer will arrange seating charts -- and, in some cases, separate groups of friends likelier to run afoul of the 6-foot rule, which the league is treating as sacrosanct along with the adoption of surgical mask use for all. The compliance person, who will be designated with rare Tier 1 credential status given to essential personnel such as players, managers, coaches and training staff, will submit reports and monitor hotels.

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More like, gotta police the morons. This is a billion-dollar industry that they're juggling things to get going again, and in one week we had players doing worst-case-scenario shite. Another big outbreak and the whole season could be toast.
38 months
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