This is an odd one. Check out catcher Humberto Quintero trying to throw out a runner stealing third during Friday's Triple-A game between the Durham Bulls and the Pawtucket Red Sox...


I can't stop laughing at this and I don't know why.
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Lsu101205106 months
"How can the batter "know" the runner is stealing?"

There is this weird thing that they have started doing in baseball. What they do is: They have a guy, usually a coach, standing on third base. And this guy does the craziest thing, but what he does is he gives hand/body signals to the runners and the batters to tell them to steal/bunt/take any number of things. Its a kinda new thing that they have been working on for a little over 100 years.
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Ole Geauxt106 months
And hopefully, someone films it, "again".
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heypaul106 months
It's a dead ball foul.
the pitch does not count and the runner(s) go back to the base where they were at.
Let's do it all over again.
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geauxtigers6492106 months
How can the batter "know" the runner is stealing?
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Hugo Stiglitz106 months
Batter probably walked up to the plate and said something like, "How's your wife and my kids?"
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southernboisb106 months
I thought the batter had to get out of the way to give the catcher a fair shot. If not, then we'ld see a lot more 3rd steals.
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Grit-Eating Shin106 months
That looked intentional.
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RATeamWannabe106 months
The catcher, the hitter is supposed to stand his ground in the batters box. I like how the catcher tried to say the batter was in the wrong
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Black n Gold106 months
I'm not very familiar with baseball rules. Who messed up?
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