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Mark Zuckerberg was apparently a baseball star for a very small part of his life...yes, that Mark Zuckerberg. His autographed baseball card from back then is now up for auction. I mean, how much is this really worth?...

ComicConnect proudly presents the only authentic, signed baseball card of Mark Zuckerberg! @zuck had this card personally-made in 1992 and gave it to his favorite camp counselor, Allie Tarantino. Allie accepted the gift and playfully asked Mark to sign it, like a real baseball player. Mark enthusiastically agreed and now, 30 years later, the card has finally surfaced. In a world filled with high-value sports cards, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind!

“Mark was one of my campers and one day he came in with this card and gave it to me — I was stunned that he was on it! I had never seen a Little League baseball card before, so I asked him to sign it for me. I never could have guessed what amazing things he would do!”

The sale of this card will include documentation from multiple parties, including SGC, that authenticates the card’s manufacturing history, Mark Zuckerberg’s signature, and his attendance at Camp Elmwood. There will be an NFT of the card and all documentation made available as well.

“I’ve been telling this story for quite a while, about how I knew Mark as a camper, and it always astonishes people to see that this card actually exists. But I feel that my part of the story is over, so due to Mark’s prominence in the tech world, and the fact that he’s one of the most famous people on the planet, I figure now is a good time to sell this card and put it on market.”
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Drizzt19 months
What kind of kid makes their own card?
user avatar
Le Tenia19 months
He sucked, couldn't hit for shit. Late inning replacement in RF.
user avatar
Tiger on the Rag19 months
fukin communist is what he is
user avatar
Rex Feral19 months
A fool and his money something something.
user avatar
LSUvet7219 months
Flush it.
user avatar
YardEngr1119 months
I bid 10 cents.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn19 months
Don West says this is worth 11 million dollars. And there will be one guaranteed in every pack. Gem mint 10.
user avatar
ThurlNoonkester19 months
Looks like Portnoy
user avatar
FLObserver19 months
Right field for sure.
user avatar
mcpotiger19 months
Was a ugly arse kid too.
user avatar
Daponch19 months
Every player that ever held a bat like that was terrible
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan19 months
Geez, Zuck had dead zombie eyes even as a kid.
user avatar
LSU FSU Grad19 months
My comment was deleted.
user avatar
Strannix19 months
He rigged the 2020 elections
user avatar
pioneerbasketball19 months
make this shareable
user avatar
Kajuntiger12111019 months
It's a website, it's always shareable
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