This Was Paul Finebaum Reaction To Mike Leach’s SEC Coaching Debut
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I think we all know what Mississippi State did on Saturday, so no need to revisit that. This was ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum's reaction head coach Mike Leach's SEC debut...

“His offensive play calling and schemes are legendary,” Finebaum said of Leach on WJOX. “His defenses have never been particularly great but he’s just been a quirky guy that rubs the administration the wrong way. Give John Cohen credit. The remarkable thing about Mississippi State is that they’d already made the decision to retain Joe Moorhead. And then Kiffin came and the bowl experience, a lot of issues before that bowl game and then they fired him after losing that bowl game. This is not a situation that anyone saw developing even at the end of the season last year.”

“You might call John Currie at Wake Forest right now. He was the Tennessee AD who went to get Mike Leach after Butch Jones was fired. And his chancellor fired him before he got back to Knoxville because of it. There was such an uprising,” Finebaum said “Leach admitted it. I’ve talked to him, and others did as well. I’m not saying Mike Leach would have been any better in Tennessee. I’m just saying that he was that toxic to some people. It’s never been about his coaching.”
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LSU did the rest of the conference a BIG favor by playing MSU First. Now the conference knows what to expect. MSU won’t have that level of success again against decent to good teams...
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So you telling me that LSU showed something on film that hasn't been there in 20 years of Leach being a HC?
1 month
I can see leach and that offense giving teams like atm and auburn trouble. Not saying they’ll win but they’ll def put up some points on people this year.
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After watching the game again... MSU didn't do anything all that incredible. They picked on #5 Ward in the second half because he couldn't keep up with whoever he was covering. We had waaay too many penalties and missed tackles that kept drives alive. I counted 3 scoring drives that should not have gotten points for them if not for penalties and/or missed tackles. We all knew he was going to throw the ball (which Castello did not look particularly great), it just so happens that we had young and inexperienced DB's all over the field. Had Stingley been there, he would have locked down one side of the field so that one of the safeties could have help one of the young bucks... I'm sorry, it didn't take a genius to realize Ward wasn't keeping up with his own shadow on Saturday. And I know he hadn't practiced in two weeks, so I'm not really mad at the kid, it just is what it is.
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"which Castello did not look particularly great" Lmao. Costello dropped dimes all over the field. Give credit where credit is due or gtfo.
1 month
Seriously? What game were you watching? Castello looked pretty able to me. In fact, I would have been thrilled to have him on our sideline.
1 month
"which Castello did not look particularly great" Statistically speaking, he wasn't great, but also not bad. He was slightly above .500 in throwing percentage.
1 month
Fools gold against an obviously NOT good LSU Defense. 60+ passes isn't conducive to winning many games against really good SEC Teams. But congrats on the win MSU
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I guess we'll see. Why we weren't prepared for what ANYBODY should have seen coming (ahem, BO frickING PELINI) I'll never know.
1 month
LOL! i'm not drinking the kool aid on Miss State after one win vs a team that everyone knew would be extremely young. But hey, hopefully the tigers use this as fuel to get better. Also why is it that whenever LSU lose a game the college football sports world magnify it. I mean they drag LSU through the mud every time. But not one word about Oklahoma losing the KSU. SMH i don't know just strange
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you don't expect the sports world to be stunned that the defending national champs, with elite recruiting, and ranked no. 6 would lose by double digits at home to an unranked team, and give up a historic number of passing yards in the process?
1 month
Just about every one on that championship team who played a key role is gone with the exception of a few. Everyone who follow CFB knew that LSU had a mass exodus the past few months. But I get your point... Just don't understand why LSU is always mocked in the media and etc. They even mocked them when they won last year. IDK, I guess that comes with the territory of being great.
1 month
You know State only returned 2 startes on offense and 4 on defense,right?
1 month
K keep me posted.
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