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The NCAA has placed the Mississippi State Football and Basketball programs on three years of probation after investigation discovered a tutor had been doing classwork for 10 players on the football team and one player on the basketball team. Per ESPN:

Mississippi State's football and men's basketball teams have been placed on three years probation after an investigation concluded that a tutor committed academic misconduct in aiding 10 members of the football team and one basketball player in an online general chemistry course during the fall semester of the 2018-19 school year.

The NCAA and Mississippi State found that the part-time tutor, a student who has been disassociated from the university and been given a 10-year show-cause order, had "completed multiple assignments, exams and, in some instances, nearly the entire course for student-athletes."
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No school in the P5 is not guilty of exactly what Moo State was just placed on probation for doing.
Reply21 days
Let’s be real. These boys from the hood can’t do chemistry. They came to play football
Reply23 days
I heard they still got a C
Reply24 days
Meanwhile Will Wade chuckles in Baton Rouge.
Reply24 days
What are the actual penalties against Clanga?
Reply25 days
Didn’t MSU rat out Ole Miss on NCAA violations leading to their probation?
Reply26 days
They did. They also permitted a couple of their players to be weaponized against Ole Miss by the NCAA. One of these players admitted that he had been paid $10,000 to attend MSU by the father of another MSU player. Oddly, the NCAA decided to ignore this.
26 days
frick MSU, go Cam.
Reply26 days
Shouldn’t an NCAA penalty be “amateurbation”?
Reply26 days
Mullen is a cheater
Reply27 days
"Mullen is a cheater" - Right. And ratted out Auburn for offering Cam's dad more money than he did!
25 days
What part of 18-19 was too difficult for you to understand?
25 days
Mullen is Warren from "There's Something About Mary"
24 days
The Sonic “Drive of the Game” is always getting in my vehicle and heading home from Starkville. RIP Jack Cristil, you witnessed plenty of Hell while you were on Earth.
Reply27 days
10 players have to sit 8 games. I doubt ant sit for OM game.
Reply27 days
Worth it
Reply27 days
I would expect better results from that level of cheating. Y'all were cheated. Ironic, that.
Reply27 days
God be not mocked.
Reply27 days
Mittittippi Tate dint do nuffin
Reply27 days
Should have made some "big arse offers".
Reply27 days
Grind ON [OFF]
Reply28 days
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