Shaq is a National Treasure...

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Rebel10 months
You would think a "TD Staff reporter" might know the difference between the fight song and Touchdown For LSU. Chicken--- tighten the team up.
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NPComb10 months
Both are national treasures!
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Jabontik10 months
Does he still have eligibility? We need a 7 foot DE.
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LSUvet7210 months
Soft landing on Gluteus fattomous.
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La Place Mike10 months
Not the fight song.
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cajunmud10 months
Would have made a couple of good TE's.
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jptiger200910 months
Shaq is literally LSU's greatest ambassador of all-time. Long live the Big Diesel!
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chaso10 months
Honey Badger gunna be right up there with the big guy one day
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RightWingTiger10 months
Even if Shaq didn’t go to LSU I would LOVE him!

But im definitely glad he chose the Tigers!!
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Cajun7510 months
Love him or hate him, Dale Brown was THE reason he ended up at LSU.
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