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It's Spring Break at LSU this week which means the students have hit the road for vacation or are just laying low to have a relaxing week away from school.

Not defensive tackle Lewis Neal though... He's in the gym. Training and getting ready for next season.

You can see Neal working with fellow teammate Arden Key in the last video.

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ChanBenoit100 months
It's awesome to see these guys learning pass rush moves after so many years watching the Chavis two-step.
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Capital Cajun100 months
They should do a drill where they knock his helmet off and he stops pursuit. I like his "want" to finish the play but those 15 yard penalties add up.
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eddieray100 months
I thought he played DE. Do we move him around or something?
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MardiGrasCajun100 months
We now have a defensive mastermind at the helm. Things have changed for the better!
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LSUtigers111100 months
I wanna see the video of them merking those kids in volleyball
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Barbellthor100 months
*comes back from spring break* "So, what'd you do for break, man?" *offhandedly* "Oh, you know. Played in the sand like everyone else. At the volleyball pit." "Oh, really? We didn't see you all week." "Hmmm. That IS interesting. I didn't see you either..."
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meauxses100 months
Love me some LSU baseball but holy shite I can't wait for football.
user avatar
DVinBR100 months
How bad do you want it?
user avatar
Solo Cam100 months
Easily most underrated player
user avatar
MaHittaMaHitta100 months
That spin move though!
user avatar
CharlesLSU100 months
I sense Pre-2011 Oregon energy......I like it!
user avatar
LSUfanNkaty100 months
If they come out and do to Wisconsin what that 2011 team did to Oregon in the opening game, I'm IN!!!!
user avatar
LuzianaFootball100 months
Dmn these boys are working hard.
user avatar
TigahTeeth100 months
That will payoff. Love the dedication!!
user avatar
CSCerky100 months
this pleases me
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