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Duh...and under the head sets!!!
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Living the dream. CEO was paid appx $750,000 to coach that game (@ UK). That is a lot of cheese to call the plays. Seems since Aranda and others have departed, Orgeron’s wallet has grown fatter. How in the world can it be where an average coach can dupe the public this much. I see the light now. We have come
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Because LSU has morons for ADs. The state of Louisiana is full of dumb people. It’s why I’m now in the NorthEast in a senior management role at a F10 company. Love LA but ineptness is why I left. I knew O was a bad hire in 2016, and to be a great coach you have to be smart. Thought I was supposed to eat crow in 19-20 but now realize that wasn’t O’s doing at all, just coordinators. The next hire has absolutely 100% got to be a smart man. I mean I would IQ test him, look at track record of teams coached, and if this is possible which might not be (have an extremely smart well qualified NFL coach give you his opinion on him). I mentioned NFL coach because a college coach, competition, wouldn’t do it or not tell full truth. AD please do what I suggested.
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"Average" coach is being kind!!!
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CoachW, if a 74% win rate is below average in your book...
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You can’t win ‘em all.
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He believes we got beat at the point of attack? Wow that’s great insight. 330 rushing yards…
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Let's see what needs improvement. 1. Offensive play calling 2. QB passion and ability 3. Offensive scoring 4. and a score of other reasons. Can't talk about D until the offense gets their toys together. Question: When does MB return? When does the offensive play calling use their assets to offset defensive schemes? When does the play calling get their shite together? They look better than the week before, but if O doesn't get his toys together... TigerNation will get real ugly with the 2021 season ends at 4-8.
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Every week it’s the same fundamental issues across the board, even O recognizes them, yet every week the same sorry arse team marches out there and makes the same mistakes. Get this guy out of here.
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It's not "fundamentals" like blocking and tackling... you could possibly call coverage busts "fundamentals". LSU sucks this year and gets Buttf ucked by Kentucky, and most likely Alabama, A&M, Ole Miss, and even Arkansas BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PUSHED AROUND on both OL and DL. O got enamored with recruiting all the quarterbacks and skill position players and forgot where games are won and lost. In his hubris, maybe he thought he could "coach up" subpar linemen and load up on skill positions. Moving forward this year, they could NAIL the "Fundamentals" all of the rest of the year and they will still get manhandled most games.
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