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Bill Bender of Sporting News ranked the Top 25 College Football Coaches for 2024 and put LSU's Brian Kelly at No. 5.

5. Brian Kelly, LSU
Last year: 6

Record: 165-68 (20-7 at LSU)

Lowdown: Kelly has put together seven consecutive seasons with 10 or more victories between Notre Dame and LSU. Detractors would say Kelly still hasn't done enough to push those teams into the national championship conversation. The last two offseasons have featured sound bites that have led to wide-spread criticism, the most-recent centering on Kelly's views on NIL and the transfer portal. Through all that, Kelly continues to be a consistent winner who still needs that FBS national championship to silence the critics.
Here's the Top 10:
1. Kirby Smart, Georgia
2. Dabo Swinney, Clemson
3. Kalen DeBoer, Alabama
4. Ryan Day, Ohio State
5. Brian Kelly, LSU
6. Steve Sarkisian, Texas
7. Kyle Whittingham, Utah
8. Mike Norvell, Florida State
9. Lincoln Riley, USC
10. Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss
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Tigerik1 month
Who put Dabo a DeBoer ahead of Kelly?? A little presumptuous don’t you think. Dabo may. Never get in another title game and DeBoer won a lot of games at Sioux Falls, & Wash, but he’s about to face SEC defenses and it’s unlikely he recruits & coaches at Saban’s level. Overrated!
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GorgeousGeorge1 month
Dabo is nowhere near the top 10
user avatar
mla01001 month
#2 and #3 are a joke, right!?!
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Datbayoubengal1 month
I'd put Dabo 5th just because of the championships. I don't see Clemson continuing their elite success anymore because of NIL and the portal. Kelly needs to be #2. He's accomplished more than all but 3 of these coaches (the ones who have won a national championship), and of the coaches who have won a championship, only one of them is on an upward trajectory. Deboer is Kelly in his 40s right now. Chill out meat riding DeBoer boys. Day hasn't pulled it off yet despite starting 5 minutes from the finish line. I will say this for Day though, he has faced some super elite teams which have knocked him out. He wins the national championship if his kicker doesn't miss that FG vs UGA in the playoffs. Even if he beat that really elite Clemson team in 2019 that he barely lost to, LSU was just a juggernaut that nobody stood a chance against once they got the defense in order. People forget that it took Kirby Smart 6 years until he won a championship. In all honesty, I 100% think this is the best chance Day is going to have to win it all. His next legit chance won't be til 2026 and by that time LSU will have made a giant killer of a squad.
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Datbayoubengal1 month
By these coaches, I mean currently active coaches.
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weeble1 month
I guess they didn't read the CBS article that said Ryan Day and Dabo were on the hot seat.
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CanebreakCajun1 month
Ryan Day? No one has done less with more.
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TigerB81 month
Deboer? Wow, he hasn't had to prove much to get that ranking.
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TouchdownTony1 month
Don’t know, he’s won everywhere and took….washington.,, to a national title game. He currently holds the highest win percentage of any active coach. Now, Brian Kelly. We were told what he would do with ALL that talent that he didn’t have access to at notre dame. Well, he had notre dame playing for national titles, in the 4 team playoff on the reg and I think he spanked LSU a time or two. Well, he hasn’t done much in Baton Rouge. Yea, yea, he won the west but so did terry bowden, Danny ford and Jackie Sherrill. I question Kelly’s ranking because so far he hasn’t done jackshite.
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Datbayoubengal1 month
Bama Boy we know you're slow, and this just proves it. Kalen Deboer has done NOTHING Kelly hadn't already done 15 years ago. Kelly built, and/or rebuilt, Grand Valley State, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, and is now doing it at LSU. He's gone to a national championship game and a playoff game.
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ImBatman1 month
If you're not sucking off Saban then you are sucking off the new coach at Alabama that didn't do shite yet. Alabama is back to the 1980's now that Saban is gone, son.
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Tiger20221 month
Dabo and Deboer, lol!!!
user avatar
wesman211 month
Should be Smart, Kelly, Sark...
user avatar
Schmelly1 month
Deboer @3 JFC lol
user avatar
AkronTiger1 month
Dabo at 2?
user avatar
FishinTygah841 month
thought the same thing
user avatar
runridley1 month
Probably because he has won 2 national championships. The only other coaches that have won at least one are Kirby Smart & Mack Brown.
user avatar
Tygern81 month
Isn’t it crazy to think that since 2000, the only to NC winning coaches still coaching CFB are Smart, Dabo, and MacK Brown?
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