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During Monday's press conference, head coach Ed Orgeron was asked how he spent his Saturday night back home after the Alabama win?

His response was great...

Q. You mentioned the 24-hour rule. What have the last 24 hours been like for you and the team?

ED ORGERON: Been great. Been great. Went home Saturday night, me and Kelly, had a ham sandwich and some chips and watched Sportscenter. I mean, it was a great night.

But yesterday was good watching the film, everybody was really in a good mood, but after you watch the film there's some things that we, you know, we have a competitive staff, there's some things that we need to get better at.
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BabyTac52 months
Time to move on and focus on Ole Miss. we’s time to get focused on the next opponent.
user avatar
Mahootney52 months
Went home and started watching film on Ole Miss. Geaux Tigers.
user avatar
ROPO51 months
I wonder if Kelly likes him calling it a ham sandwich?
user avatar
TigerWerm51 months
I lol'ed
user avatar
caliegeaux51 months
I would have made that sammige for him.
user avatar
TriDitty51 months
This guy is the anti-Saban in almost everything he does and I am loving it.
user avatar
Ceasarfor3!51 months
Is this is version of Netflix and Chill...SportsCenter & a ham sandwich.
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