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SB Nation unveiled their preliminary projected S&P+ rankings for the 2019 season which is determined by three simple factors; recruiting, returning production, and recent history. LSU came in at No. 4.

Here is the Top 25:
1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Clemson
4. LSU
5. Oklahoma
6. Florida
7. Ohio State
8. Auburn
9. Michigan
10. Mississippi State
11. Wisconsin
12. Notre Dame
13. Texas A&M
14. Penn State
15. Washington
16. Missouri
17. Utah
18. South Carolina
19. Miami
20. Oregon
21. Tennessee
22. Oklahoma State
23. Michigan State
24. Boise State
25. Iowa

You can see the complete 130-team college football rankings here.

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user avatar
Deltatiger61 months
Mizzou at 16???
user avatar
oleheat61 months
I think UT should be ranked higher, honestly. No, not a top 10 team- but probably better than #35. LSU is worthy of a top 5, IMHO.....
user avatar
alumni9561 months
UT shorthorns at #35... 4 spots BELOW Appalachian St, bwahahaha
user avatar
Shiftyplus161 months
They lost a BUNCH of starters on defense, and some big pieces from their offense. The horns have a lot of questions to answer on both sides of the ball.
user avatar
jimbeam61 months
Moo St lolololol
user avatar
SirWinston61 months
Lets gooooooooooo
user avatar
SkintBack61 months
The SEC cannabilizes itself. No way 10 teams finish in the Top 21.
user avatar
TheWalrus61 months
Exactly and then people will claim the conference is overrated.
user avatar
rob6261 months
Mississippi State at #10? Lol. Please.
user avatar
Relham1061 months
No texas?
user avatar
tigerbait197061 months
Texas at 35
user avatar
Genestealer5561 months
10 SEC teams in top 21? Gonna be some some butthurt fans across the country ??
user avatar
BlackTiger8961 months
5 in the top 10 alone will send shock waves of butt hurt throughout the whole country!
user avatar
Hangit61 months
There are 6 in this top 10.
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