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Multiple sources are reporting that former Florida and Illinois head coach Ron Zook is on LSU's radar as a possible defensive coordinator. Per

LSU: Per source, Green Bay Packers assistant special teams coach Ron Zook is on LSU’s radar for the defensive coordinator job. Zook is the former head coach at Florida and Illinois.
Rumors began to surface Thursday that two new names have emerged as possible candidates for the available DC job at LSU. It was said that one of the names was involved in the College Football Playoff Championship game on Monday and the other was currently involved in the NFL Playoffs.

Zook fits one of those criteria as the Green Bay Packers play the Dallas Cowboys in Sunday's divisional round playoff game.

Here is a look at Zook's coaching career from his Wikipedia page.

1978–1980: Murray State (DB)
1981–1982: Cincinnati (DC)
1983: Kansas (DC)
1984–1986: Tennessee (DB)
1987: Virginia Tech (AHC)
1988–1990: Ohio State (DB)
1991–1993: Florida (DC/DB)
1994: Florida (ST): F
1995: Florida (Assoc. HC/ST/S)
1996–1998: Pittsburg Steelers (ST)
1999: Kansas City Chiefs (DB)
2000–2001: New Orleans Saints (DC)
2002–2004: Florida (HC)
2005–2011: Illinois (HC)
2014–present: MGreen Bay Packers (asst. ST)
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user avatar
bulldogger110 months
I'll check back in August. Later TD.
user avatar
LSU Patrick110 months
user avatar
barry110 months
Ugh, he can recruit, so theres that.
user avatar
ctiger69110 months
ahhhhhh Freak ME!
user avatar
Farkwad110 months
the guy in the photo - isn't that the guy from America's Funniest Videos?
user avatar
CSATiger110 months
actually think this is a good hire, if it is a hire
user avatar
Gulf Coast Tiger110 months
He is a pretty good coach and recruiter, just not a good HC.
user avatar
JamesonandTiger110 months
Sooner or later you guys will guess right....but probably not
user avatar
Knight of Old110 months
user avatar
purpleleaf110 months
Not no but hell no
user avatar
colors_of_kings110 months
Definitely not a sexy pick, next!!
user avatar
vodkacop110 months
He recruited those players at Florida that Urbs won his first ship with, what two years after zook left I think.
user avatar
11thACR110 months
Are there any more names in the Hat...??
user avatar
DaleGribblesMower110 months
Just what we need, GB's water boy. I heard Abe Lincoln threw his hat in the ring as well
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