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LSU Veterinarian David Baker, DVM, Ph.D made an announcement on Tuesday afternoon that the school has identified a tiger at a rescue facility that could become Mike VII.

The male Tigers is currently 9 months old, weighing approximately 160 pounds and has both Siberian and Bengal characteristics. He is currently at a sanctuary called “Wild at Heart Wildlife Center" in Okeechobee, Fla.

The Tigers would be donated to LSU as the sanctuary is currently undergoing improvements to the facility and needs to find new permanent homes for many of the animals there including this particular Tiger. Per LSU:

Starting in April 2017, LSU’s tiger habitat began undergoing updates, which are scheduled to be completed in August. The tiger cannot be transported to LSU until the updates are complete. The current plan is to have the tiger arrive mid-August. Once the tiger arrives, he will be kept in the night house for approximately one week for quarantine and acclimation; he will not be visible to the public during this time. If the quarantine/acclimation period goes well, the tiger will be released into his yard, at which time he will be declared Mike VII. LSU will announce in advance the day and time that the tiger will be out in his yard for the first time.

LSU cannot state at this time exactly when the tiger will arrive or when he will be introduced to the LSU community, as these details depend upon construction completion, travel arrangements and the quarantine/acclimation period.
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1984 months
user avatar
PhilemonThomas84 months
Please be a mean arse tiger. Please be a mean arse tiger.
user avatar
TigerSpray84 months
Might as well get a possum for a mascot since he can't geaux in the stadium.
user avatar
GeorgeTheGreek84 months
What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze?
user avatar
DanglingFury84 months
Must be pretty cool to go tiger shopping.
user avatar
JustinT3784 months
When you can save 1, why not save 2!!?
user avatar
RichJ84 months
Guess we won't end up with some old lady's tabby cat!!
user avatar
The Rodfather84 months
"The Tigers is male..." "The Tigers would be donated..." Holy shite!!!! We are getting Mike VII and Mike VIII at the same time.
user avatar
tom84 months
That's almost as much as Herman Johnson at the same age.
user avatar
KennabraTiger84 months
user avatar
Bucktail184 months
frick yea, a puppy!
user avatar
SirWinston84 months
All hail Mike :bow:
user avatar
SaintLSU84 months
Wish they would go with a cub
user avatar
HeadSlash84 months
Not another F'n half breed!
user avatar
jlbasm84 months
Alright Mike! Great news!
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