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LSU running back John Emery is ineligible for the remainder of the season due to academics, head coach Ed Orgeron confirmed Monday.

Orgeron said Emery's status could possibly change at some point this season but that it was out of his control.

Mike Scarborough of Tiger Bait is reporting that John Emery's family is "pursuing all legal options" in order to get him eligible this season.

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Perhaps if he could read, write and comprehend the problem would go away...or maybe just give a sht about doing what he is responsible for...can't fix stupid. But a lot of you hair brains can blame the coach and coaches...really on top of it.
Reply29 days
It's not the best atmosphere in their conference.
Reply1 month
No bad advice from LSU, he just failed his classes. Maybe he needs to take responsibility for his own actions instead of trying to purse legal action because he didn't study and failed.
Reply1 month
Sounds like academic dishonesty situations and he failed a class he needed for this year
Reply1 month
Probably disputing he cheated. If caught cheating, typically a professor will fail your for the semester.
1 month
It will be a real black eye if it comes out that LSU Athletics cannot properly advise athletes. Somehow there is culpability on the student’s part so they cannot be 100% honest. Reminds me of when Logansport had two backs showing potential. Evangel decided to go “recruit” them. By the time it was over both players lost his senior year and probably the interest of the college teams. Meanwhile, hallelujah, Evangel continued to be blessed by God. Sad
Reply1 month
Was this Robert Davis and Cisco Perkins?
1 month
Re: the Logansport/Evangel kids, IIRC it was their senior year. One of them was ineligible the entire year, the other played at Evangel. Both ended up at LSU, but the one that played no ball his senior year, didn't contribute at LSU and xferred or dropped FB. The other guy was a multi year starter at DB at LSU.
1 month
I hope the family spills the beans with what actually happened.
Reply1 month
Orgeron said Emery's status could possibly change at some point this season but that it was out of his control. Everything is out of this "numbnutts" control.
Reply1 month
Give Kiner the start. He looked on point to me Sat nite
Reply1 month
Imagine putting your trust in these clowns at LSU and having to hire an attorney because some incompetent POS gave bad academic scheduling advice. Hate to say it but I have seen it happen with private schools too just not high profile athletes. Response is always the same. Too bad so sad. Good luck going forward.
Reply1 month
Are you absolutely positive that he took the wrong class because someone else screwed up? Could there be another explanation of which you are not aware? Would it be prudent to learn the facts before you go off casting blame and aspersions (clowns)?
1 month
Dandy Don LSU Sports @dandydonlsu NEWS: I have confirmed that the situation with #LSU RB John Emery has nothing to do with him taking a wrong class. “No truth to that rumor.”
1 month
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